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New Puppy

Sleepless nights? Puppy peeing in your house? Non-stop biting? Separation anxiety? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Adult Dog

Want the perfect training foundation? Follow our Level 1 or Level 2 classes for up to 12 weeks of day-by-day training plans.

Virtual Training

With virtual training, you will meet one-on-one with Michelle. After the session, you will receive a custom training plan, designed specifically for your dog or puppy.

In-Person Lessons

If you are located in the Washington, DC area, Michelle does take on select clients for in-person training.

Puppy Products

Puppy VIP
All Access

This is the all-access pass, you get everything you need:

✅ Sleeping Through the Night Plans

✅ 6 weeks of Day-by-Day Puppy Training Plans

✅ The Potty Training Masterclass

✅ And more!


Potty Training Masterclass

Do you have a puppy who…

Pees inside, even after she was just outside?

Are you overwhelmed with a puppy who is still having pee and poop accidents?

The Potty Training Masterclass can help!


Socialization and Puppy Biting

These two modules will cover everything you need to know about socialization, as well as puppy biting.


Puppy Printables

Do you love staying super organized?

Use our behaviorist-designed templates to simplify puppy raising. 

Our templates are in PDF format and can be used with a notetaking app, such as Notability or Goodnotes, or printed out.


“Those weekly schedules are a life saver!”

“I love all of the checklists included in the program.”

“I’ve worked with several trainers, and Michelle is the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Adult Dog Products

Adult Dog VIP
All Access

This is the adult dog all-access pass, you get everything you need:

✅ 6-Week Level 1 Program

✅ 6-Week Level 2 Program

✅ Day-by-Day Training Plans

✅ Week-by-Week Schedules

✅ ALL the resources including help with choosing the right equipment, hand feeding, activity toys, treats, clicker training, play, and more!


Adult Dog Level 1 Training Course

A 6-week training course.


Level 2 Training Course

A 6-week training course that builds on the skills acquired during the Level 1 course.


Virtual Training

Learn directly from Michelle in the comfort of your own home. Through virtual training, Michelle can work with you whether you are in Washington, DC, elsewhere in the United States, or even internationally. 

Each virtual training session includes 1 hour live with Michelle. These sessions are perfect for building a custom potty training plan, puppy coming home plan, separation anxiety plan, fearful dog behavior modification plan, troubleshooting a specific behavior issue, or working on obedience training.

Spaces are limited. If you are interested in booking virtual training, please click on the button below.

In-Person Training Sessions

 Michelle provides in-person dog training sessions through her Month-Long Intensive Program to select clients in Chevy Chase, DC; Chevy Chase, MD; Silver Spring, MD; Bethesda, MD; Van Ness, DC; and Friendship Heights, DC.

Each client receives a comprehensive and customized training plan, designed specifically for their individual dog or puppy and their living situation. Clients will meet with Michelle on a weekly basis for four weeks.

These sessions are the perfect opportunity to have Michelle meet your individual dog or puppy and provide training in your home and neighborhood.

These sessions are perfect for any behavior or training goals, including new puppy prep; new puppy training; crate training; new baby prep; toddlers, kids, and dogs; family dog training; multiple-dog households; aggression; leash aggression; resource guarding; fear; anxiety; and more.

Clients wanting additional help are able to add on an extra month of training at a discounted rate.

Michelle Yue CBCC-KA Dog Trainer at Savvy City Dog


Savvy City Dog
[email protected]

Washington, DC



Michelle Yue is a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a CGC evaluator, a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, a member of APDT, and a C.L.A.S.S. evaluator.


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