Raise a Dog You Are Proud of… Without the Struggle.

Our training membership helps new puppy parents to move through the challenging puppy stages as quickly as possible, so that you can focus on enjoying your new family member.

We’ll even help you attain your puppy’s American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen title!

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you doing everything you’re supposed to, but still your puppy pees in your home?

Or, maybe your puppy goes potty outside, only to come right back in and poop in your home?

Do you feel guilty and sad trying to crate train because every time you try to put your puppy in her crate she cries, screams, or howls?

Or, maybe you’ve given up and your puppy is sleeping in bed with you, but you know that’s not good?

Do you tiptoe around your home when your puppy falls asleep, afraid to wake your puppy, because you need a break?

Do you joke that YOU are your puppy’s favorite chew toy? But, actually her needle-teeth really hurt, and your arms are covered in bruises and scratches.

Did you get a puppy for your kids, but now they’re scared of her because your puppy loves to bite them?

Do you just want to make sure you’re setting your puppy up with the best start possible?

The membership would be perfect for you.

Let Us Help You, Just Like We’ve Helped Hundreds of Other Clients!

Our track record speaks for itself…

We are the BEST in the industry for helping young puppies who live in urban or suburban environments.

So if you want to….

  • Have A Well-Adjusted Puppy
    • Potty Trained
    • Not Biting Holes In You Or Your Clothes
    • Not Biting Your Children
    • Sleeping Though The Night
    • Crate Trained
  • Who Is Also Well Trained…
    • Knows Basic Commands
    • A Model Citizen
    • Polite To Visitors At Your Home
    • Under Control
    • No Jumping
    • Walking On A Loose Leash
    • Passing Other Dogs and People Politely
    • Trustworthy In Your Home

The membership is right for you!

Spend the Next Decade with a Dog You Can Count On

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have, living the next 10-15+ years, with a dog you can count on…

Investing in puppy training now sets the foundation you need for a dog you can trust.

The foundation for leaving your front door wide open while you carry in groceries and packages… without fear of your dog running out into the street.

The foundation for being able to include your dog in the joy of having visiting friends and family around… and knowing that your dog will never knock anyone over with out-of-control jumping.

The foundation for taking your dog for an enjoyable stroll around the neighborhood on a loose leash… without living in fear of her attacking a passing dog or lunging at a passing child.

Puppies who go through our training program are raised with a foundation that makes all of these critical life skills second nature. In fact, many of our previous puppy clients have no idea that there is any other way for their dogs to behave!

Yet, we work with clients all the time who can’t enjoy these simple pleasures with their dogs… Clients who have to keep a baby gate around their front door because their dog will run out, or who have to cross the street anytime they see a dog or person coming down the sidewalk because their dog is unpredictable and scary with passing strangers.

This doesn’t have to be you! Puppyhood is the time to lay a strong foundation that will prevent dangerous behavior issues in your adult dog.

By starting now, you can rest assured that your puppy will grow into an adult dog you can be proud of. An adult dog who is reliable, safe, and enjoyable to both her family and others.

Introducing Online Puppy Training That WORKS!

With our online puppy training program, you no longer have to deal with the exhaustion, overwhelm, and frustration that comes from living with a puppy who pees and poops anywhere and everywhere, who can’t be crated, and who bites everyone.

You’ll never have to worry that you’re doing the wrong thing, that you’re making it worse, or that you’re wasting your time on a technique that isn’t right for you and your puppy.

You won’t have to guess what you’re supposed to be teaching and when, or that you’ll miss some important developmental deadline.

Our online training program is the most convenient and fun way to go from exhausted by your puppy to REFRESHED, CONFIDENT, & CALM.

Our Online Puppy Training Program is the ONLY One to…

This isn’t just another online puppy training course. We didn’t want to create another massive batch of puppy training videos.

Instead, we wanted to create something truely unique and effective.

Here’s how our online puppy training program is unique…

Our online dog training program is the ONLY experience out there that that we know of that incorporates on demand courses, community, LIVE classes, and a close relationship with your trainer.

As far as we know, NOBODY else is doing this because it’s really hard to offer all of this! 


This Is So Important Because…

  • Our on-demand puppy training courses let you go at the pace that YOU need.
  • Our supportive community really makes us stand out. Wondering if what you are going through is normal? Connect with other puppy parents who are going through the same things! It just really great to have a community who knows you and your puppy, and who can support you every step of the way!
  • Having access to an expert puppy trainer is key. You don’t have to spend time going down the path of an approach that doesn’t make any sense. If you’re confused or stuck, just attend office hours, a live class, post in the forum, or direct message your trainer in our community.

The result? A MUCH higher success rate among our clients. Our clients are able to easily move through the more challenging phases of puppy ownership, and on to advanced work – sometimes as soon as the first couple of months!

Hi! I’m Michelle…

I’m not some tech-savvy, marketing guru who opened up a dog training membership to make tons of money… I’m the farthest thing from that!

I am a really good, really experienced dog trainer that just so happens to be moving into the digital space in order to serve my clients in the best way possible (I truly think virtual puppy training makes the MOST sense and is the way of the future).

Want to hear about what I was doing before Savvy City Dog? You can read my Yelp reviews from working with clients in Washington, DC.

  • I have 15 years of experience working as a dog trainer in the Washington, DC area.
  • I’m a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine (https://www.ccpdt.org/)
  • I’m also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (https://www.ccpdt.org/)
  • I’m a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (https://apdt.com/)
  • I’m a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the American Kennel Club (https://www.akc.org/)
  • I have many years of experience in animal rescue, including as the Behavior and Training Director of a nationally-known rescue organization.
  • I’ve personally fostered dozens of dogs.
  • I used to run a puppy-specific training program, called Puppy Academy, where we trained puppies of all breeds from 8 weeks and up! …yep! I even potty trained 8-week-old Yorkies – it can be done 😉
  • I’m a German Shepherd owner and enthusiast!
  • I’m a Cavapoo owner and enthusiast!
  • I’m a mom of two little humans as well 🙂

This Is Perfect for You If…

  • You’re busy and you just want to know what really works.
  • You want professional support.
  • You don’t want to raise your puppy by yourself
  • You have no desire to wade through everything online to try to piecemeal a house training plan, crate training plan, no biting, socialization plan, and leadership plan from scratch.
  • You know that the fastest way to get results is to work directly with an expert.

Here Are a Few of the Perks Our Members Enjoy…

Amazing Community

A community of puppy parents, just like you!

Get support, feedback, and accountability along your puppy training journey.

Have a question? Post in our Community and get Michelle’s feedback within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

We even have an app, which makes expert help and your community available any time, any place. So easy!

Expert Help

Our membership gives you direct access to Michelle, our Certified Behavior Consultant and Certified Professional Dog Trainer. 

She will be there with you, every step of the way on your puppy’s training journey.

You can follow her exact program via our on-demand lessons.

You can get in-person feedback at our live classes and office hours.

And, you can get detailed answers to any of your questions anytime in our Community. Just post a question to Michelle, and she’ll answer it!

Great Training

Specific training plans for – potty training, crate training, puppy biting, separation anxiety, and puppies and kids

Puppy Kindergarten classes with graduation certificates

Title your puppy with American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen title as early as your puppy’s first birthday. This is a nationally-recognized title that shows that your dog successfully passed a 10-item test demonstrating her obedience skills. It is also the gateway training to therapy dog work and advanced obedience training.

Have a Great Experience, or We Won’t Take Your Money!

We are 100% confident that you will love your membership, and your training time here!

We run a TINY online business. This is not a big box store or mega-corp! Customer satisfaction is super important to us. No customer is too small to matter.

We definitely do NOT want to take your money if you are unhappy.

That’s why we offer a 48-hour, money-back guarantee. 

Come on in… Check everything out, at no risk! 

Attend a LIVE chat, message Michelle a few questions in our community or in the forums, go through a few of our courses.

If you don’t like what you see for any reason, just send an email to [email protected] and you will not be charged.

No hoops to jump through! No number to call. Just easy, do it yourself, instant cancellation.

Our Membership Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't in-person dog training better?

Nope! We 100% believe that online dog training is better and is the way of the future. There are so many reasons, but here are our top 3:

1)    It’s Coronavirus

Let’s be honest, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Online dog training provides a safe way to get dog training help.

2)    It’s So Effective

Online dog training is so effective. I knew it had lots of potential, but once I started doing it, I realized how much better it truly is! There is so much that we can do online that we could never dog in person like… 

1.     Video recordings of lessons so that you can review at your convenience

2.     Video review sessions where I can give you precise and recorded feedback on your dog’s behavior

3.     And, live in-person sessions that can be done in the comfort and low-distraction environment of your home, a place where your dog is going to be much more able to focus on learning something new.

My clients make fast, significant progress. They are consistently blowing me away with their results!

3)    Online Dog Training Means Your Dog Listens to YOU

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attended a dog training class and the trainer “helped” a client by taking their dog’s leash.

Sometimes this can help a bit, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your dog responds to your dog trainer. It matters if your dog responds to you!

From a trainer perspective, taking the dog’s leash is so much easier than allowing the client to do it.

Online dog training eliminates this variable, and allows you to be your dog’s trainer, which means that your dog will respond to you.

How Much Time Do I Need?

A little progress each day leads to big results.

If you have 10 minutes, twice a day for training, you will do great!

2 weeks from now, your life could be so different if you got started today, right?

You don’t want to be stuck in a situation years from now where you are still dealing with an untrained dog. Or, worse, a puppy who grows up only to solidify a ton of bad habits!

In fact, our dog training program saves you time…

No more late night google searches, no more trying to piece together advice from friends and family, no more conflicting methodologies…

Instead, you’ll be confidently taking action on tasks that will bring you the biggest results – one baby step at a time.

Why? …

Because we give you one clear, cohesive program with expert guidance along the way.

Simple. Straightforward. Effective.

We’ve seen my clients with full-time booming careers succeed in our program.

We’ve had clients in college or grad school succeed at our program.

We’ve seen moms with young kids succeed in our program.

We’ve seen moms with kids and a job succeed at our program.

We KNOW you can too :)!

Do You Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! We actually have something better than that…

We have a 48-hour period where you can explore our ENTIRE program, risk-free.

At any point during that time, if it’s not for you, just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll process a full refund for you.


Will This Work For My Puppy?

Will this work for….

My breeder puppy? My rescue puppy? My older puppy? My tiny puppy? My specialized-breed puppy? My anxious puppy?

We hear you.

And, we’re glad to say, yes…

If you’re committed to working with your puppy, this program can help any puppy make progress.

*There are a small % of puppies who are not neurologically normal or who have physical issues that affect their behavior (such as a UTI). These puppies may not be helped by a training program until their medical issues are resolved.

I see your membership is for puppy mamas, I'm a man

Great observation! 

Most of our clients are women, so that’s who we market to.

However, we work with plenty of men in the membership and would love to work with you too!

How Fast Until I Get Results?

This depends! We are unable to guarantee dog behavior for legal & ethical reasons – we can’t predict what you will do with our dog training program! 

I can say this though – over the past 15 years we’ve had thousands of success stories.

In general, it is not uncommon for most clients to get results in 12 weeks.

Clients who fully commit can start to see significant results in only 2-4 weeks!

What Will I Get?

You will get so much!

Access to our dog training courses (with new courses added each month!). A few of the courses that are available right now – your dog’s language, clicker training, loose leash walking, kids and dogs, puppy socialization, and more!

Access to our amazing community. 

Access to our support forum, where you can get expert answers to your questions.

Access to LIVE office hours with your trainer.

Access to group classes.

Discounted private sessions.

And, more!

What Kind of Support Will I Get?

We pride ourselves in providing the best support possible to our clients.

If you need support at any point, you can post in the forums, ask during office hours, message us directly in the community, or send in a feedback form.

You will get a response asap!

I've seen cheaper programs out there, I'm not sure...

We’ve seen cheaper programs out there too. Most of the programs we see involve “trainers” who are actually mostly amazing digital marketers and only average trainers. A lot of the “programs” are actually just a series of training videos, with maybe a few handouts.

Michelle, on the other hand, is an average digital marketer and an amazing dog trainer.

Our program is based entirely on her extensive experience working with thousands of puppies over the past 15 years. It works.

Not only do you get the training plans and the handouts, you also get a forum where you can get custom answers to any training and behavior questions that you might have. 

You also get monthly office hours, and LIVE classes on the weekends.

Finally, our whole goal for your puppy’s first year is to prepare you for the Canine Good Citizen test, a test that Michelle has evaluated for years now, and knows inside and out.

If we were picking a training program online, we would absolutely pick something like Savvy City Dog with so much “in-person” and customized, expert support.

Check Out A Few of Our Awesome Graduates…

You Deserve This!

You CAN do this! Getting through these tough puppy months may seem almost impossible, but it is 100% worth it!

You and your puppy’s quality of life just becomes SO MUCH BETTER once your puppy is trained!

If millions of people around the world can have well-trained puppies, WHY NOT YOU?

You can do this, and by joining our membership, you will gain access to all of the resources and support that you need to have a well-trained puppy without having to create a program alone…


Because you CAN do this! We’ve helped hundreds of clients before you achieve their dream relationship with their puppy, and we can help you too!

You DESERVE this! Let’s get started right now on your puppy training journey!