Puppy Vocabulary List Printable


Train your puppy easily and effectively!

Use this attractive vocabulary list as a way to track what behaviors you would like to teach your puppy. Track…

  • What behaviors are in progress
  • And, what behaviors are mastered

By writing down the exact words, hand signals, and definitions that you will use to cue your puppy, you will avoid any confusion and bring more clarity to your training.

Your puppy wants you to purchase this!

Do you have multiple members in your household?

You need this! It’s so important, especially in a multi-person household that everyone in the household has

  • Consistent verbal cues
  • Consistent hand signals
  • Consistent definitions for what each verbal cue means

Without this consistency, you risk your puppy being confused and not reaching her full potential…

She will be using all of her mental energy to figure out what the heck everyone is talking about instead of advancing her education. Not to mention the stress of not knowing what she is supposed to do!

Do your puppy a favor and get your household on the same page with this gorgeous puppy vocabulary list printable!


This puppy vocabulary list comes packed with features!

A place to customize your vocabulary list with your puppy’s name in the top right

A gingham-style table helps you easily find exactly what row and column you are looking for

Filled, partially-filled, and empty circles that provide a visually striking and effective way to track “not started,” “in progress,” and “mastered” behaviors

Space to track 23 different behaviors, including the verbal cue, hand signal, and precise definition

Is your puppy a genius and you need more space? Print unlimited copies to track all of your Savvy Puppy’s training behaviors!

What exactly will I receive?

You’ll receive three downloads.

  1. A sample puppy training vocabulary list, showing you how to fill out your personal list.
  2. Your printable, customizable puppy vocabulary list.
  3. A BONUS download, including 16 common behaviors, their hand signals (if they have them), and definitions, to help you JUMPSTART your personal puppy vocabulary list.


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