One-On-One Dog Training

Private Dog Training & Behavior Consultations

Individual virtual sessions with Michelle Yue, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA.

Find Out If Private Sessions Are Right For You…

So many issues can ONLY be effectively treated with one-on-one sessions.
Other issues are just more convenient to treat in the more focused format of private sessions.
Find out if one-on-one sessions are right for you!

Behavior Modification

Are you dealing with the embarassment, frustration, anxiety, and stress of living with chronic behavior issues?

Does your dog bark, growl, or snap at dogs or people?

Is your dog driving your crazy with non-stop barking or whining in the house?

Does your dog have separation anxiety or fear issues that prevent her from leading a normal life?

Maybe you have a puppy and you need more specific help on potty training or separation anxiety?

Maybe you just need to know if your dog or puppy’s behavior is normal?

I can help!

Obedience Training

Got a stubborn dog?

Or, a dog who listens only if he feels like it?

Is walking your dog like getting dragged along by a frieght train?

Or maybe walking your dog is more like walking a fly on a leash, with your dog bouncing every which way.

Are you dealing with the embarassment of a dog who clobbers visitors to your home the second they walk in the door?

Are you tired of doing something nice for your dog by taking him to the park, only to have him completely blow you off when you call him to “come”?

Have friends and family told you need to get a dog trainer?

I can help! 

Behavior Assessment

Has your dog bitten and injured another animal or person?

Maybe you’re wondering how severe your dog’s behavior issues really are?

Are you a rescue group looking for a professional evaluation for placement decisions?

You can use a one-on-one session to obtain a full behavior assessment of your dog. 

I can help!

Building A Training Plan For You And Your Dog

Private training is all about customizing a plan that will work on exactly what you need with your individual dog and your unique living situation.

Since we’ll be working with an extremely targeted plan, you’ll experience training results even faster!

Support & Accountability Every Step Of the Way

Private clients get the most access to me. I actually only take on a very limited # of private clients at any given time because of how available I am to them. You’ll have access to me via email, via the Savvy City Dog site, and via Voxer during the duration of your package.

Also Included With Private Sessions…

We also give you access to our entire on demand course library with your private sessions package. That’s dozens of step-by-step dog training courses. All included!

More Membership Benefits

Also Included In Your Private Session Package!

Access To Our Online Community

Get support, give support, and make new friends in our exclusive online community.

Access To LIVE Classes

We hold LIVE classes almost every week. During your private session package, you will have access to join those classes.

Let’s Get Started!

Imagine where you’ll be 2 weeks or a month from now if you get started today. Don’t struggle any longer than you have to! Let us help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a guarantee that my dog will be trained?

No. Ethically and per our certification code of conduct, we are unable to offer a guarantee on your dog’s behavior.

Every dog is an individual and every dog owner is unique. Some dogs will make faster progress than others due to natural aptitude (genetics), extra practice, an optimal living situation, or other reasons. 

However, we do believe that ALL dogs can make progress in our private sessions. As long as it is a behavioral issue (not medical), and you are willing to do the homework, you will see progress. 

How is this better than just training my dog myself?

You can certainly train your dog yourself!

However, we think it’s more fun and, certainly easier, to train your dog with expert guidance!

Especially if you are dealing with any sort of behavioral issue…

Mental health is very similar to physical health.

There are certain things that you can do on your own (eat well, exercise, don’t smoke, take your vitamens, etc.). And, there are certain illnesses you can deal with on your own (cold, etc.).

However, if you get very sick, you go see a professional doctor who can help.

This is how behavior modification works in dog training.

You can train your dog, exercise him, and feed him well.

However, if he is struggling with his mental health – anxiety, fear, aggression… Going to see a behavior professional can help immensly!

We can give you a treatment plan that is more targeted, detailed, and structured than what you could easily put together yourself – getting your dog’s mental health back on track asap and giving you a step-by-step plan so you know exactly what to do at each stage.



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Michelle Yue is a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a CGC evaluator, a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, a member of APDT, and a C.L.A.S.S. evaluator.


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