Quick, Effective Puppy Potty Training Solutions

Are you dealing with…

A puppy who pees inside, even after she was just outside! What the heck?!

The frustration of puppy who pees outside but saves her poops for inside?

A teacup puppy, who’s so small it’s hard to even tell if she’s having an accident, until it’s too late…

A puppy who didn’t get the memo that dogs are den animals and she shouldn’t pee or poop inside her crate

The overwhelm of DOING ALL THE THINGS and still having pee and poop accidents whenever and wherever?

Constant middle-of-the night outings, and you’re puppy is 5 months old… and you’re soooooo, soooo EXHAUSTED…


The Puppy Potty Training Masterclass

Imagine waking up in the morning and leisurely getting out of bed…

Stretch, make a cup of coffee, and then take your sweet puppy out to do her business…

Work when you need to, play and exercise your puppy on your schedule…

Live with the peace of mind that there will be minimal or no accidents, and that you know exactly when your puppy will need to go out.

Stretch out those overnight outings and get a puppy who sleeps 8 hours through the night…

This is a concise masterclass that will give you everything you need to get your puppy potty trained FAST.

This goes way deeper than anything you’ll find on a Google search or Youtube…

Give us 1.5 hours of your time, and we’ll give you a simple system that will potty train your puppy as quickly as possible. 

Most puppies who follow our program:

Know their schedule by 2 weeks…

Are accident-free 4 weeks in…

And are fully potty trained by 7 months.

Your puppy can do this too!

This Masterclass is Jam-Packed With Value

Inside you’ll get…

  • 11 Video Lessons: Michelle will walk you through exactly step-by-step what you need to do to get your puppy potty trained fast!
  • The Ideal Scheduling Template: Use our simple scheduling system template and get your puppy potty trained on a schedule that works for you!
  • Sample Schedules: Need some ideas? No need to start from scratch, just grab one of our sample schedules and get started. No need to think… no need to figure anything out… Just a ready-to-go schedule that works.
  • The Potty Training Tracker: Our exclusive potty training tracker follows the system covered in this Masterclass. You’ll know exactly when your puppy needs to go out. And, if accidents happen, you’ll be able to easily spot the problem to ensure it doesn’t happen again!
  • Our Potty Training Supplies Checklist: A detailed checklist, so you’ll know exactly what supplies you need to potty train your puppy as quickly as possible!
  • Live FAQs: Have a question and don’t see an answer in the Masterclass? Submit your question, and see an update to the FAQs! Cool!

Hi! I’m Michelle…

I’m not some tech-savvy, marketing guru who opened up a dog training membership to make tons of money… I’m the farthest thing from that!

I am a really good, really experienced dog trainer that just so happens to be moving into the digital space in order to serve my clients in the best way possible (I truly think virtual puppy training makes the MOST sense and is the way of the future).

    • Want to hear about what I was doing before Savvy City Dog? You can read my Yelp reviews from working with clients in Washington, DC.
      I have 15 years of experience working as a dog trainer in the Washington, DC area.
    • I’m a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine (https://www.ccpdt.org/)
    • I’m also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (https://www.ccpdt.org/)
    • I’m a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (https://apdt.com/)
    • I’m a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the American Kennel Club (https://www.akc.org/)
    • I have many years of experience in animal rescue, including as the Behavior and Training Director of a nationally-known rescue organization.
    • I’ve personally fostered dozens of dogs.
    • I used to run a puppy-specific training program, called Puppy Academy, where we trained puppies of all breeds from 8 weeks and up! …yep! I even potty trained 8-week-old Yorkies – it can be done 😉
    • I’m a German Shepherd owner and enthusiast!
    • I’m a Cavapoo owner and enthusiast!
    • I’m a mom of two little humans as well 🙂
    How Fast Until I Get Results?

    Most puppies show that some understanding of their schedule by just 2 weeks into the program. Often, as their outing time approaches, we will see them get antsy – moving around more, scratching, circling, or whining. This is a great sign because it means they are starting to understand their schedule.

    By around 4 weeks, many puppies are accident-free. They are very used to their schedule at this point, and are doing almost all of their potties outside.

    If you start before 10 weeks, most puppies who follow our program are fully potty trained by 7 months.

    If you start after 10 weeks, and have any bad habits to undo, it can take a little longer.

    *These are just general guidelines, every puppy and situation are unique. Some puppies will progress faster, others will need more time.

    How Much Time Do I Need?
    We know you’re busy. The last thing we want to do is give you one more thing for your to-do list! 
    That’s why we’ve condensed this course to be as quick and effective as possible. 
    You’ll be able to take our entire course in under 1.5 hours.
    Everything is divided up into clear lessons though, that way, you are easily able to go back through and review any lesson any time.
    Will This Work For My Puppy?

    We can’t ethically guarantee our training, per our professional credentials. And, it’s true, every puppy and situation is unique. 

    What we can tell you though is that this is the exact program we’ve used to successfully potty train hundreds of puppies. 

    We’ve even used this same program to rehab adult dogs with severe potty training issues, like puppy mill dogs.

    Pending any medical issues (such as a UTI)… in our experience, this program works.

    We’ve never met a puppy that we weren’t able to housetrain with this program.

    What Will I Get?

    You will get so much!

    You get:

    • 11 Video Lessons
    • The Ideal Scheduling Template
    • Sample Schedules
    • The Potty Training Tracker
    • Our Potty Training Supply Checklist
    • Access to Our Facebook Group
    • And, Live FAQs
    What Kind of Support Will I Get?

    You will have the support of our FB group community. This is a great place to connect with puppy parents who are going through the same thing as you!

    Need help with something potty-training related that you can’t find in the course? No problem! Email [email protected] and we’ll get you a solution.

    Start Living Accident Free!

    Potty training does not just get better with time… They don’t just grow out of it… The longer you wait, the more time that those accidents have to become ingrained bad habits. When you purchase the Puppy Potty Training Masterclass, you’ll get access to everything right away, so you can stop bad habits from ever taking root.

    Relax in the comfort that comes with following an expert-designed training plan, and enjoy the pleasure that comes with living with your puppy, accident free.


    What’s Stopping You?

    Even if… your puppy pees or poops inside every day

    Even if… you’re busy and exhausted

    Even if… your puppy is totally clueless

    Even if… your puppy is older

    Even if… your puppy is a teacup, yorkie, frenchie, cavapoo, or other hard-to-potty-train breed

    Even if… your puppy is a lightening-quick, indoor pee-er or poop-er 

    The Puppy Potty Training Masterclass can STILL help you. In fact, we’ve helped many others who were exactly like you to turn their clueless puppies into potty training geniuses, and most of our clients see significant progress in just 4 weeks.

    This is because we have a system based on the actual puppies we’ve potty trained over the past 15 years. This is not a course based on the experience of potty training 1 or 2 puppies. Rather, it’s based on our first-hand experience of potty training hundreds of puppies.

    So what are you waiting for?