(Scroll down for pictures!!!)

Hi Everyone! So, this is going to be a super short one, but, for those of you who noticed… There is someone different on my show image tonight!

And, that’s because, I got a puppy! 

Her name is Izzy and she is an 8-week-old Cavapoo. She’s actually sleeping in my lap as I record this episode, which is the best!

I am so in love, and I wanted you all to know that I am right there in the same boat with you if you’re busy raising a puppy.

I have so many great ideas for what I can share with you all, so stay tuned over the next couple of months to see everything.

So far, I’ve had Izzy for four days. She is sleeping through the night, with one middle-of-the-night potty break. I’ve had (knock on wood!) ZERO accidents inside. And, we are already well into our socialization plan, so that she can be as friendly and well-adjusted as possible as an adult dog.

Visit savvycitydog.com if you want to see more pictures of the cutie pie.

Alright, that’s it for now! I look forward to talking again soon!