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Meet Momo (white blaze, boy) and Gyoza (dark face, girl)!

These two foster puppies come all the way from Puerto Rice and are available via City Dog Rescue. Momo’s page is here. And, Gyoza’s page is here.

Their first night here, the puppies did a huge pee and poop right when they got here. Their travel carriers seemed mostly clean, so I’m guessing they held it for most of the way. Good puppies!

This was their setup for the first night: 

I wasn’t sure if they would have any idea how to keep a space clean, and we thought they were around 10 weeks old, so I set them up a small pen and covered the entire floor with potty pads. That way, where ever they pottied, it would be an appropriate space.

Also, this space looks a bit small, but it is right off of our kitchen and right next to a door to go outside, so it’s perfect. The puppies get tons of time with us, since we’re always in the kitchen, and it is very easy to let them outside.

The first night, we barely heard them. I didn’t know how they would feel about confinement, so I left them out in their pen.

Friday was another calm day, I think they were still recovering from their trip! They met my kids and Izzy, our Cavapoo. They were a little nervous of everyone at first. By the end of the day though, they weren’t nervous at all! And, they were coming right up to the kids for pets and trying to get Izzy to play with them.

Likewise, Friday was the first time I let them outside and they were super nervous and didn’t want to go out (it was also pretty rainy and wet, so I can’t say I blame them!).

The above photo is a picture of their faces the first time they saw the door open to the outside. They were curious but definitely nervous!

I also introduced some easy food-dispensing toys on Friday. They loved ball/egg that they could roll around and kibble would fall out. Friday these puppies were SO hungry! They each got 1.5 cups of puppy food and ate everything.

Friday night, I shut them in a crate to sleep together. I put them in at 11pm. They slept without a peep! When I woke up at 5:30am to let them out, I came down to a little accident in the very corner of the crate. It’s okay guys we’ll work on it!