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During Level 2, we want you to:

  • Take the Courses listed on this page (in order for the best results!)
  • Attend Basic Manners classes
  • Participate in our Community – share what you’re working on, support other members, ask questions, and make friends
  • Attend Office Hours if needed


We think our membership is better when we work together.

And, we want to see what you and your dog are up to!

Please send us photos and videos of your puppy working through the lessons!

These will earn you tons of wags that can be used to unlock rewards for yourself and donations to your local rescue groups.

Wags will also officially advance you to Level 3 in our system.

*You can still do all of the training without participating in our wags system, we just think it’s more fun this way :)!

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Dog Basics, Part 1

2.1.1 Your Dog’s Language

Being able to read your dog's body language is key!

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2.1.2 Recommended Supplies

The right equipment will make your training your dog easier and more fun!

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2.1.3 Handfeeding

Handfeeding is a highly effective practice that will speed up your dog training significantly!

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2.1.4 Treats

Treats are an important part of training your dog! Learn the best way to use treats in your training program.

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2.1.5 Clicker Training

Shhh.... Clicker training is a secret of professional dog trainers! It's how we train dogs so easily and quickly.

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2.1.6 Capturing

Capturing is one of the MAIN ways I get puppies and untrained adult dogs to be "well behaved" very quickly.

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2.1.7 Handling

Handling is the ability to touch and move your dog as needed. This is a foundation skill. It lays the foundation for your relationship, leadership, loose leash walking, vet visits, harnessing, and social behavior with other people. It's really important!

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2.1.8 Exercise

Exercise is such an important component of any dog's life. It is particularly important if you are trying to accomplish any sort of training or behavior modification.

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2.1.9 Preventing Resource Guarding

Resource guarding is an instinctual behavior for many of our pet dogs. However, with a little preventative work, you'll never have to worry that your dog escalates into biting.

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Dog Basics, Part 2

2.2.1 Loose Leash Walking

Loose leash walking is the embodiment of an ideal relationship with your dog.

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2.2.2 How to get a NATURALLY well-behaved dog

This program will explain how to get a generally well-behaved dog.

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2.2.3 Activity Toys

Activity toys are like giving your dog an iPad to play with!

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2.2.3 Common Behavior Challenges

This course will cover common behavior issues such as jumping and barking.

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2.2.4 Play

Playing brings joy, it deepens your relationship, and it's great exercise!

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2.2.5 Kids and Dogs

There is not much SWEETER than a dog and the kid he loves. This program will teach you how to keep both of them safe and happy, while still having fun!

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2.2.6 Crate Training

Crate training has TONS of benefits! Take this course to find out more, and learn how to teach it to your dog!

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2.2.7 Interrupter Noise

Learn what an interrupter noise is and how to use it.

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2.2.8 Introductions to Other Pets

How we introduce our dogs to others is really important!

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Michelle Yue is a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a CGC evaluator, a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, a member of APDT, and a C.L.A.S.S. evaluator.


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