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These sessions are particularly great for new puppy owners, aggression cases, separation anxiety cases, and anyone who wants one-one-one help.

All private Zoom sessions come with an all-access  membership included.

That’s right! You get access to the weekly LIVE chats, which means LIVE help between sessions. You get access to our member community. And, you get access to all of our dog training lessons. All of this is covered under the price of your private session(s).

Additionally,  you get unlimited messaging directly with Michelle for the duration of your private session membership. So, a single Zoom gets you unlimited messaging for one month, and a 3-session package gets you unlimited messaging for 2 months!

Also, included in your session is a custom training plan with a detailed write up post session.

Hundreds of Clients Have Enjoyed Well-Behaved Dogs and Trained Puppies. We Want to Help You Next!

It’s Not Your Fault…

We’re so tired of all of the dog training “experts” that ruin it for everyone.

Because of all of the misinformation that they are spreading about dog training, it’s really difficult to figure out  how to train your dog.

An example of something we saw on Facebook the other day: Head collars are only okay to use on prey animals, not predators. This is strange to say… and also totally not true!

We’re saying this because we know what it’s like to want to train our dog, but not know what information out there was true or not!

Before we were dog trainers, we also had puppies who peed in the house, and puppies who had separation anxiety, and barking dogs, and jumping dogs, and out-of-control dogs…

We felt… embarrassed about our dog’s behavior. And, discouraged that we couldn’t seem to figure out how to fix it.

We were misled! Things didn’t work out for months and years because we were trying to piece together the methodologies and advice from late-night google searches, well-meaning friends and family, and random youtube videos.

We’re here to tell you the truth…

What If I Told You You Could Now Have the Dog or Puppy of Your Dreams?

Yes, you can now have the dog or puppy of your dreams without having to navigate and decipher the hundreds of conflicting methodologies out there!

Though our steamlined, expert-designed approach, we can help you achieve the dog or puppy you always wanted to have.

It took us over 15 years to refine our training program, but we finally did it.

Our secret? Tons of trial and error! If it’s out there, we’ve likely tried it.

First we try it… then we apply it. We apply it to dozens of dogs and situations. Over the past 15 years, we’ve narrowed it down to only the very best training strategies.

We can help you to create a dog who LOVES AND LISTENS to you! Just like we’ve helped hundreds of other clients!

Our track record speaks for itself…

I can proudly say that we’re the BEST in the industry to get high-end results from our online training program (as far as I know!) – our customers say so!

So if you want to….

  • Have a well-adjusted puppy (potty trained, not biting, sleeping through the night, and started on training)
  • Have a well-trained adult dog
  • Improve your dog’s aggression, anxiety, or fear issues

… you’re definitely at the right place!

Introducing Online Dog Training That WORKS!

With our online training program, you no longer have to deal with a dog who doesn’t listen to you, who drags you down the street on walks, who runs away when you call, who pees and poops in the house, who won’t stop barking, or who embarasses you when visitors come over…

Our online training program is the most convenient and fun way to go from stressed out about your dog or puppy to confident and calm about your dog or puppy. 

Our Online Dog Training Program Is The ONLY One To…

This isn’t just another online dog training course. It is not our wish to create yet another batch of dog training articles that is similar to everyone elses.

We’ve dedicated our lives to helping our clients maximize their dog’s potention, and the current old-school way of dog training just isn’t the best way.

Here’s how our online dog training program is different…

Our online dog training program is the only experience out there that incorporates dog training instruction, community, and a close relationship with your trainer.

When you join today, you’ll also get a 7-day free trial.

As far as I know, NOBODY else is doing this because it’s really hard to offer all of this! On top of that, because we want to give you such amazing value, we are offering this at a great price point!

This is so important because:

~Our on demand dog training courses are AMAZING because you can go at the pace that YOU need.

~Our supportive community is what really makes us stand out. Dog training question? Post it in the forum and get an expert answer within just a day or two. Wondering if what you are going through is normal? Connect with other puppy parents or other reactive dog owners who are going through the same things!

~Having access to an expert dog trainer is key. You don’t have to spend time going down the path of an approach that doesn’t make any sense. If you’re confused or stuck, just attend a member chat, live class, post in the forum, or direct message your trainer in our community.

The result? A MUCH higher success rate among our clients. We’ve found this to be THE most important factor that has helped our client have success in thier dog training goals.

This Is For Your If… You Need Specialized Guidance

You need professional support to get the dog of your dreams. You don’t want to do this by youself or try to wade through everything online because you know that the fastest way to get results is to work directly with an expert who has already done what you want to do.

Here’s How We Can Help You

Here are just some of the things that we will be helping you with…

~We will help you craft a dog training plan that perfectly suits your dog’s age, breed, and personality. Some of these plans may include more impulse control work. Other plans may rely more heavily on leash skills.

~We can help you potty train your puppy. We’ve helped hundreds (if not thousands!) of past clients to achieve fully potty training puppies! Every breed, every temperament,  and every age… We can help you too!

~We can help you with your walks. Does your dog pull on the leash or bark at other dogs on your walks? We are experts at loose leash walking!

Michelle Who?

Hey, I’m Michelle! Savvy City Dog is a place 15 years in the making…

Here’s more about me and why I’m qualified to help you get the dog or puppy of your dreams!

~ I’m a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine (

~ I’m also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (

~ I’m a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (

~ I’m a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the American Kennel Club (

~ I have many years of experience in animal rescue, including as the Behavior and Training Director of a nationally-known rescue organization, and also as a foster mom for dozens of dogs!

~ I’m a German Shepherd owner and enthusiast!

~ I’m a Cavapoo owner and enthusiast!

Some fun facts: I am a mom of two little ones. During my free time, I love to read and hike! I’m trying to learn how to sew! I also love being outdoors with friends and family (which of course includes my dogs and theirs!).



Savvy City Dog
[email protected]

Washington, DC, New York City, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Dallas, San Fransisco, Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Raleigh



Michelle Yue is a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a CGC evaluator, a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, a member of APDT, and a C.L.A.S.S. evaluator.


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