Dog Beds and Mats

I like to use dog beds and mats to make a dog’s crate more comfortable, as well as for place training, which is the foundation of so many skills. 

Here are the beds and mats I like:

This bed is awesome! The elevation makes place training easier for the dog. Plus, it’s chewproof, and works out really nicely as a crate bed, even for active dogs who might destroy a traditional bed.

This is the mat I find myself buying over and over again. It is great for advancing place training. Plus, it makes a comfy crate bed for dogs who are not destructive.


If you have a young puppy, I might go with the kuranda bed option in her adult size. 

Or, I’d just use a couple of old towels for now.

I would not purchase a plush dog bed yet. That will teach them to destroy plush things, which we don’t want!

This post does contain affiliate links, which help to support this website. These selections are the ones I love and would buy again and again, based on 15 years of dog training and thousands of dollars spent on equipment (a lot of which I would never recommend or buy again!).