Crates, Baby Gates, ExPens, and Tethers

Crate Recommendations

A good crate is an important piece of many training programs. Crates are particularly useful with:

  • Puppies
  • Young Dogs
  • New Rescues
  • Anxious Dogs
  • Fearful Dogs
  • Aggressive Dogs

I really like just a basic single-door crate for most dogs. If it is a young puppy, I recommend purchasing a single-door crate with a divider, so that you can adjust the size of the crate as the puppy grows.

Crate Cover

Crate covers are great if your dog prefers to be less exposed in her crate. I find that many dogs really love their crates to be covered. 

Young puppies and dogs often do not like their crates to be covered because they don’t want to miss anything! But, I find that covering the crate and reducing their visual stimulation, allows them to transition into resting more easily.

This crate cover is awesome! It stays clean. It also has lots of opens for opening “windows” or closing them. Make sure that the strap of cover under the door is not inside the crate when you close it, I’ve definitely had a few of those chewed! (It doesn’t affect the cover function if it happens)

Baby Gates

A baby gate can be an invaluable tool for dog and puppy training.

It allows you to shut off access to part of your house which is important, especially if you have a larger living space, if your dog is untrustworthy in the house, or if you are trying to manage multiple animals. 

You could gate off:

A small bathroom

Your kitchen

A small room, etc.

Exercise Pens

Another management tool that I use often with small dogs and puppies is an exercise pen.

Exercise pens are a great way to manage your dog or puppy, especially if you have a large home or an open concept home.

Tether Recommendations

I often use tether training with puppies under 4 months. It works really well to keep them from making mistakes, while still being able to have them nearby, as a tether can be moved anywhere you like!

Tether training could also work for non-destructive adult dogs.

*I never recommend using tether training or tie outs unsupervised. Dogs can easily get tangled up, or if outdoors, bothered by other dogs or people in the neighborhood.

This tether is just about perfect. It is lightweight, and also chew proof. The tether is actually made of plastic-coated wire, so you don’t have to worry about your dog or puppy biting through her leash!

This post does contain affiliate links, which help to support this website. These selections are the ones I love and would buy again and again, based on 15 years of dog training and thousands of dollars spent on equipment (a lot of which I would never recommend or buy again!).