Clicker & Treat Pouch


Clickers are amazing! They are one of those secrets of professional dog trainers.

I know it’s an extra thing, but it’s SO worth it. Your dog will learn everything way faster.

If you are going to try clicker training, I recommend purchasing several so you can keep them stashed in different places.

Treat Pouch

A good treat pouch will make your job much easier! I keep my by my dog leash, loaded with dry treats and poop bags. When we go for a walk, I’ll toss in some of that day’s kibble and maybe a string cheese, and I’ll have a complete set of low-, medium-, and high-value treats to use for that walk! Easy!

Treat pouches are also handy for carrying your keys and cell phone if you don’t have good pockets.

This is the treat pouch I really like. I’ve used this particular pouch every day for the past decade or so. It’s snaps open and closed, which is nice for keeping dog noses out quickly! It has a good sized pocket in the front, which is where I store my keys. And I can fit a few different kinds of treats in the main pocket, which also has a divider for keeping things separate.

For clients who are on a budget, or who just don’t want to purchase a treat pouch, there are several things you could use in lieu of a treat pouch.

  • Pockets work well if they are a good size
  • Fanny packs work great
  • A small, cross-body purse can also work!

This post does contain affiliate links, which help to support this website. These selections are the ones I love and would buy again and again, based on 15 years of dog training and thousands of dollars spent on equipment (a lot of which I would never recommend or buy again!).