Walking Leash

This is it, my favorite leash. This is the one I’ve been using for the past 5+ years, and I still love it. You can adjust the length. And, the best part about this leash is that you can use the double-ended clasps to configure the leash in a wide variety of ways – such as a waist leash, a double-ended leash for a head collar/collar or head collar/harness combo, a tether, a shorter leash, or a two-dog system. It’s the best!

Long Line

For certain types of training, it is almost essential to have a good long line. This is one that I really like, it’s made of biothane, which in my opinon is far superior to the nylon webbing leashes that get wet and heavy and dirty. I always like to choose the thinnest width I think my dog can safely wear (I use a 3/8″ width with my trained 80 lb GSD, I’d go up to 1/2″ if you have a young/strong/untrained/large dog). I find that 15 or 20 ft is the perfect length.

1/2″, 15-foot leash

3/8″, 20-foot leash

Retractable Leash

Shocking to see this recommended on a dog trainer’s site, I know 😉


I do really enjoy using a retractable leash for training with puppies and smaller dogs (I do not generally recommend them for dogs over 25 lbs).

You can use them to give little dogs much more freedom, you can use them to help with loose leash walking and recalls, and they are just fun!

You should NOT use these in crowded areas or around other dogs. You should always use common sense with these leashes, obviously, you don’t have a lot of control if your dog is 20 ft ahead of you! You should only use these leashes on a well-fitted body harness.

I personally look for a retractable leash with lots of length (after all, that’s the point!), I also look for one that will feel light based on my dogs size and strength, while still being strong enough to not break.

Here are a couple of good ones…

Small Dog, 16 ft

Small Dog, 26 ft

This post does contain affiliate links, which help to support this website. These selections are the ones I love and would buy again and again, based on 15 years of dog training and thousands of dollars spent on equipment (a lot of which I would never recommend or buy again!).