When it comes to collars, I like something that is fairly wide, to more evenly distribute the pressure. I personally like the plastic buckles that are easy to snap on and off. Here are a few of the collars that I like:

Large- to Medium-Sized Dogs

This is the exact collar that I use on my German Shepherd. His is just in black. I love how wide it is, and it is super easy to keep clean. My GSD is always in the mud, swimming, etc, and this collar holds up great!

Puppy Collar

This is the collar I am currently using on my puppy. I like that it’s super inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors. I choose an inexpensive collar for puppies, since I know I will likely be purchasing a larger size soon!

Martingale Collar

If you have a greyhound or whippet, or any other breed whose neck is larger than his head, you will want a martingale collar for safety. You will also likely want this type of collar if your dog is fearful and is a flight risk. This collar will tighten if the dog pulls, and won’t allow the dog to back out of the collar. 

If you have a large dog, I like this martingale because it is so thick. At 1.5 inches, it should be pretty comfortable for your dog.

This is the one I would choose for a small dog. It is the same collar I am using for my puppy, just a martingale version.

Check the fit!

For any of my equipment recommendations, please be sure to measure your individual dog and read the product description to make sure it will fit! 

This post does contain affiliate links, which help to support this website. These selections are the ones I love and would buy again and again, based on 15 years of dog training and thousands of dollars spent on equipment (a lot of which I would never recommend or buy again!).