I made this course free because I get asked so much about my equipment recommendations.

I am an AVID purchaser of dog training equipment. I know firsthand what a big difference having the right equipment can make for a dog and their owner.

The products on the following pages are products that I’ve found after trying several different products on the market. I’ve used these recommended products with dozens to hundreds of clients, and that is why I am recommending them to you.

I know these products work.

Many of these products are not the cheapest versions, though some of them are definitely a steal! I’ve just included high-value products that I know will do the job for you.

I’ve also used mostly Amazon links, since I think that is pretty easy for most people. The Amazon links I’ve used are affliate links, and if you purchase anything from these pages, it will support this website – including the sections where I post free content to help anyone and my free dog training podcast.

I’ve also tried to include ideas for free versions of the equipment where I could.

I hope you find these products as helpful as my clients and I have found them!

Thanks 🙂